Day 12

Hey ya’ll, this is the Sneezys!!!! We will be taking over the blog for a few days. Roll Call!!!!!: Blessid Snow, Ashley Weinstein, Nicole Fortin, Sarah Whalen, Seth McCachern, Liza McIntyre, Felipe Moda, Leah Mosher, Jenna Trantham, Ian Stines, Andersen Crowder, Bailee Keller, Jordan Carlson, and Lala Parris.

This morning we were supposed to wake up at 6:30am, but some how we all woke up before. Dallas was pretty upset because she didn’t get to wake anyone up and she didn’t get her bathroom time. We quickly shoved all of our stuff into the “Cricket Room”, without messing up pre-school artwork here at Lakeside Presbyterian Church in San Fran. We then loaded into Carolina Girl and the bus (Miss America was dropping off our laundry) and headed to the Cliffhouse!! On the way there, we realized that Miss America riders didn’t have breakfast, and there was too many banana nut muffins and not enough blueberry but everyone dealt with the issue and no one went hungry!

Once we got to the Cliffhouse we had to wait outside for 15 minutes in the freezing cold weather, while Miss America riders scarfed down muffins, but that’s what families do!!! While we waited, we huddled together and sang songs to keep warm!  Once we were allowed in, there was a warm breakfast prepared, that included made from scratch popovers and orange juice! We sat where many famous people have sat before us, including Nicholas Cage, Robin Williams and many others! SO COOL!!!


Leah Mosher, Gia Lash, Sarah McCarty, Ashlee Hamrick, and Mikayla Wright at The Cliffhouse!

Tanner Hester, Cody Haigler, Jordan Carlson, Logan Mantooth, and Bennet Estes!

The view of the beach in front of The Cliffhouse!

Logan Mantooth, Leah Mosher, and Isaac Allison!

Abby Copeland, Nick Richard, and Kacie Barrett!

After Cliffhouse we travelled to Fisherman’s Warf. We then, took many pictures outside in front of the famous Fisherman’s Warf sign and on Pier 39! We walked over to the gigantic sign, and took a big group picture. While we were there, we saw many cute seals!! There was one seal in particular that was too fat to hang out with the rest. We decided to affectionately name him Gerald from Finding Dory. Cameron Thomas, Griffin Law, and Gia Lash did research today at the pier.

Group picture at the Fisherman's Warf!

After that, we were turned loose in the great big city of San Francisco with nothing but a paper map that was wrong in one part (thanks, Grant). A lot of us tried clam chowder and most went to In-N-Out (some of us did both). We spent our day shopping and wandering around the city! Many of us went to the Apple store to talk to our loved ones- some of us were kicked out because of excessive FaceTiming—for over two hours. While some of us were shopping, a car blew their horn for over 45 seconds! Hello road rage!! That was a bit excessive in our opinion!

Ashley Weinstein and Jordyn Burrell!!
While in San Fran, there are hills upon hills! Too many hills!! Crazy hills!!! So of course it makes sense for a lot of us to rent bikes to bike around the city! That worked for a good while until we realized that we would have to bike up the hills… that was, as Felipe would say, “No bueno.” Because of this, a lot of us took the trolleys. Liza McIntyre and Cam Ray got a free trolley ride thanks to one of the conductors!

We finally made our way to China Town, which a lot of us realized isn’t exactly like real China. A lot of the “Bros” were very excited to cop a fake MBA jersey just to realize that not all China Towns were the same and there were no jersey shops. The only shops in sight were serene and peaceful shops with jewelry and nice music.

Nick Richard, Kacie Barrett, and Rylee Gaus!!

Lillie Griffin and her dragonfruit!
Yesterday, a lot of us were shocked to see Jon’s toes. They were moldy, black, crusty, and probably had some fungi growing from the toenails. He was getting quite the hate. Apparently his feelings were hurt so much that him, Eugene, and Dallas got pedicures. Not just pedicures, but they got their toes got painted red, white and blue as well. Their brand new toes were debuted right before dinner!!!

Jon and Eugene's patriotic toes!

We had to wait for dinner outside for an extra few minutes or so. Some friends and family members showed up to say hi to everyone, which was pretty cool!! We had a nice dinner of Chinese food. A few people did research--  Cole Frederick, Natalie Tillis, Logan Mantooth, and Lucas Bonomo.

Natalie Tillis!

Cole Frederick!

Lucas Bonomo!

On the way out from dinner, we heard a noise that sounded like a crash and saw a lady booking it down the street. Turns out she punched through a café window and there was glass all over the place. We aren’t sure if they caught her, but we hope they can repair the damages.

After dinner, some of us bought some red, white and blue leggings with stars and stripes! We shortly after, realized that the ladies selling the pants overcharged a few people once they realized how many people wanted them. We then drove to the Golden Gate Bridge!!! A few of us (mostly Gaston county boys) decided to participate in the Polar Bear challenge which is when we took off our shirts and ran the full length of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a lot longer than you think it is!! The wind was freezing cold as the sun started to set, but we all made it through. As the runners and even walkers came to the end of the bridge, we cheered them on and took pictures together.


ALL OF THE SELLERS!!!! Tyler Sellers, Kristina Sellers, and Timothy Sellers!

Jordan Carlson and Abby Copeland!

Alex Mariscovetere and Rylee Roller!

Nicole Fortin, Alex Mariscovetere, Sarah Royster, and Mary Helen Alford!

Erin Sherrill, Lillian Sumner, Aubrie Miller, Hannah, Jordyn Burrell, Carly Kurtiak, Cam Ray, and Alicia Hutchins!

Kacie Barrett and Nick Richard!

Rylee Gaus, Kacie Barrett, Lillie Griffin, Abby Copeland, Kristina Sellers, Brogan Brown and Liza McIntyre!

Abby Copeland, Brogan Brown, and Kacie Barrett!

John Gray Blount, Nick Richard, Ian Stines, and Caleb Mann!
Sarah Whalen and Leah Mosher were the first two girls to complete the run right behind a few of the boys!! We sang some patriotic songs together while huddling together to keep warm and received some onlookers who enjoyed watching. We even got a baby to participate in our songs as her dad held her up in the air! We then got back on the bus and drove back to the church where we can finally take some showers and get back our clean laundry!!

Happy Birthday to Sarah Bass!!!! We had a wonderful day at San Francisco and a fun time for our first blogging day! We will continue our journey tomorrow at Yosemite National Park. We’ll be checking back in later!

Sneezys! Sneezys! Sneezys! Sneezys! SNEEZYS! AAAAAAAAH-CHOOOOOOO

“Ka-Chow”- Felipe

**There will be very limited service in Yosemite, so the blog may be delayed!**