Day 14

Hey! This is the Sneezy’s again!!! We finally have a group picture since we missed it the first two days we blogged!!!!

Jordan Carlson, Seth McCrachen, Ian Stines, Leah Mosher, Felipe Moda, Anderson Crowder, LaLa Parris, Ashley Weinstein, Sarah Whalen, Jenna Trantham, Nicole Fortin, Blessid Snow, Liza McIntyre, and Bailey Keller!!!


We had a very eventful day today…. on the bus and vans. We woke up in Yosemite to seagulls screaming at us!  Shout out to them for waking us up 15 minutes early… NOT. We quickly got ready and loaded the bus and vans and left by 7:30am. We were careful to be courteous and quiet so trip two is allowed to stay there behind us! Apparently people don’t like 82 teenagers in their RV park—no matter how quiet we are. We drove for an hour and stopped at Wal--actually Safeway, so that the cooks could get us breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Some of us were triggered because we couldn’t buy anything…. even though some did anyways.

After we got back on the road we were served a delicious breakfast including half a bagel (plain, blueberry, or cinnamon raison) with the option of peanut butter or cream cheese and a clementine (a.k.a.: a small orange).

After a few more hours of driving we stopped at a very suspicious “rest stop” where some of the stalls were closed off because they were toxic and John blew up one of the port-a-potty’s. We couldn’t even use the bathrooms, we all had to use the port-a-potty’s. All the guys stood equally spaced at the fence to relieve themselves so the girls could use the port-a-potty’s faster. Thanks boys!

The "rest stop!"

After we were on the bus for a few minutes, leftover food was passed out. Callie was the first volunteer to accept Atkins Milk Chocolate Delight, Ashley Weinstein unknowingly ate cookies from day two, and lastly Tanner ate an entire container of whipped cream cheese…. because he wanted to. No one asked him to, he just did. He then proceeded to take a spoonful of cream cheese and looked a different person in the eye until he finished all of it. Jordan followed him along with a barf bag and water!

Following that we enjoyed a well-planned lunch consisting of ham sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, cookies, and chips. We had the choices of mayo and mustard and even LETTUCE!!! Yay for vegetables!!

A few hours later people locked Tanner in the bathroom for 20 minutes as a punishment for peeing into an empty Powerade bottle sponsored by Blessid.  As we were driving for a while Eugene pointed out “wild horses,” however after further inspection we realized they were only shrubs. Lesson learned: We actually cannot trust any of our counselors!!

Tanner Hester eating his cream cheese on the bus!!
We licked the ground. Don’t worry it wasn’t bad… only smelled like dead puppies. It was a salt deposit! Guess what! Eugene got stuck in a watery salt deposit… HA HA HA!

Katie Greene, Brogan Brown, Cameron Thomas, and Callie Matthews!

Sarah Whalen, Lucas Bonomo, Camryn Bernhardt, Caleb Mann, Nate Craven, and Alicia Hutchins!!

Griffin Law getting up close and personal with the salt flat!

Anderson Crowder, Bennet Estes, Aubrie Miller, and Lillian Sumner licking the SALT!

After that we had dinner while listening to terrible jokes from Eugene and Jon. No one laughed except for them but that’s typical…  Dinner was quite a struggle, because we had to eat chicken caesar salads out of a plastic bag. The cooks ran out of chicken, more was found after dinner ended. Anyways, with the salads we had grapes and Kool-Aid and a pack of pudding!! A few people decided to chug Kool-Aid powder… without water. Dallas was very angry because Miss America’s grapes were eaten gradually all day and she didn’t get any. Unfortunately we were not able to get in the pool tonight, however tonight is MAIL NIGHT! Can’t wait to talk about our mail in tomorrow’s blog.