Day 13

Hey y’all this is the Sneezys coming back at you again!! We had a veeeeeerrry eventful day today, even though we drove for most of the day (shout out to Mr. G, he’s a trooper!!!)

We woke up bright and early today in San Francisco at 5:30am to Dallas making her car alarm noise!! We hurriedly got ready for the day and managed to cut our time down to 30 minutes (Matt was extremely proud of us.) We began our very long drive to Yosemite National Park, saying goodbye to the very beautiful San Francisco!

A lot of us were sleeping but some of us saw the amazing, rolling, golden hills!
After a lot of us caught up on sleep for a couple of hours, we were woken up by the very inviting prospect of Wal-Mart shopping (it was not a good idea to shop for snacks before we had breakfast because many of us spent too much money, sorry Mom!!) Once we got back to the bus and vans, the cooks served us a very delicious breakfast of donuts and fruit snacks for our vegan friend! The donuts had sprinkles and cream filling and glaze, it was almost like being back at Krispy Kreme! 

We stopped at Bridal Veil Falls for our first stop in Yosemite! It was AMAZING!

Dallas, Lillie Griffin, Camryn Bernhardt, Jordyn Burrell, Rylee Gaus, and Ashlee Hamrick!

Mackenzie Wright, Olivia Kafer, Leah Mosher, Dallas, Emma Parson, Cayla Gregory, and Callie Matthews!

Bridal Veil Falls!
A few more hours of driving a lot of motion sickness, and a very filling lunch of chicken Caesar wraps with Sunny D and pretzels, we reached the very scenic Yosemite National Park! WOOHOOO!!! The traffic was CRAZY at Yosemite; we drove around and around trying to find a place to park the bus and vans!After a lot of pictures and one big group photo (we didn’t know where Eugene and Miss America were so those people are not dead they just didn’t make the picture, we promise), we had the option to either go see the base of the waterfall or go straight to the gift shop!

Partial group picture in YOSEMITE!
The gift shop group accidentally made a wrong turn and ended up hiking on a trail instead of buying t-shirts, but we’re glad we got our steps in!! While we were lost, we ended up near stables and a lot of us saw the horses and mules! We did make it to the gift shop finally where we all bought tons of gifts for everyone back home! On top of getting lost, some of us were not dressed for the weather! We had been told it would be chilly, since Yosemite usually is but today it was quite warm, close to 80 degrees!!!

Then came the drive out of Yosemite! We got stuck in traffic that brought us to a dead stop. In the midst of our boredom the two Vans got into a small battle. A few bad trade deals led to a windshield smeared with Oatmeal crème pies and a gluten free tortilla stuck to the driver’s side window with peanut butter!! The radio was also used for a tense “trash talking” session. While it did take a long time, it was completely worth it. It was one of the most beautiful drives we’ve taken so far. Some were surprised to see snow on the ground right after we were walking in 80-degree weather! The pass we went through, Tioga Pass was just opened this morning, the day we are driving through it! How crazy! The snow pack on the pass had been around 7 FEET! There were beautiful lakes, towering mountains, and scary-steep cliffs. A few of us got very carsick! We went from about 10,000 feet to 8,000 feet in just a few minutes! It was breathtaking!!

Mr. G handled the bus on those steep mountain roads like a… G? We finally made it to our lovely campsite in Mono Vista RV Park in California! However, not 10 minutes after we arrived, the complaints started coming in. Apparently a group of 82 high school students is not what the residents like to fall asleep to L. The first complaints were about the bus and how loud it was because we were sure to be quiet all through the night!!

We had some people share research, Brogan Brown told us about Bridal Veil Falls, Caleb Mann shared a very interesting presentation about the Sequoia trees, and Liza McIntyre let us know about the famous Inspirational Point! 

Liza McIntyre telling us about Inspirational Point!

Caleb Mann giving his presentation on the Red Woods/Sequoias! 

Brogan Brown telling us about Bridal Veil Falls!

All of us being quiet as mice at the Mono Vista RV Park!
As we write this, we can smell dinner cooking, chicken noodle and tomato soup, grilled cheese, watermelon and cookies!!!!! The trailers are filled to the brim with over 300 parcels of mail!! Tomorrow night in Utah we get to see what you have sent us and we are all so excited!! This is a goodbye from the Sneezys and we can’t wait to report on tomorrow from Salt Lake City!!!

The cooks making a delicious dinner for all of us!

Yay cooks!!

SHHHHH!!! Don’t upset the locals! J

KA-CHOW -- Dab on ‘em!