After The Trip

Participants were asked to try to sum up their experience on Teens Westward Bound with one quote! Here they are:

“TWB has taught me how to take a step back from the mainstream and just enjoy the simple things in front of me.” – Kacie Barrett Mooresville, NC

“Meeting new friends is really easy and makes the trip 10 times more fun.” – Andrew Prachar Gastonia, NC

“I have no idea, where life takes me.” – Felipe Moda Mooresville, NC

“TWB has taught me how to be more open to do new things.” – Jessica Turney Cherryville, NC

“Teens Westward Bound has been the most rewarding ‘leap of faith’ I’ve ever taken.” – Brogan Brown Irmo, SC

“I will never forget trip and I will also never forget the people.” – Abby Copeland Mooresville, NC

“I loved TWB so much I have so much fun making new friends and experiencing new things.” – Kristina Vaher Belmont, NC

“I didn’t understand what past participants meant when they said they had 81 new family members, but now I get it.” – Lillie Griffin Mooresville, NC

“I may hate tortillas now, but I sure do love this country.” – Camryn Ray Whiteville, NC

“Don’t pack to many clothes or you will have 18 holes in your bag.” – Bryce Curtis Gastonia, NC

“Who would’ve thought I’d be home sick after I got home.” - Camryn Bernhardt Mooresville, NC

“I’ve never been so excited, happy, and sad in such a short amount of time.” – Winston Wise Cherryville, NC

“I could never have imagined that there were such incredible things in my country that were just under my nose.” – Bennett Estes Charlotte, NC

“Take it seriously, live in the moment, waste no opportunity.” – Richard Fernandez Kings Mountain, NC

“Stay positive and push through because the experiences and the people are worth it.” – Laura Parris Jonesville, SC

“TWB gave me 81 friends, 23 days, and 7 mentors that can never be replaced.” – Logan Swain Stokesdale, NC

“TWB makes me feel like the master of all elements because we conquered air, wind, fire, and water.” – Jordyn Burrell Gastonia, NC

“It was the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me! Definitely an AMAZING experience!” – Cayla Gregory Union, SC

“I met my new amazing family in 23 days and not a single moment disappointed me.” – Jenna Bright Union, SC

“I had an incredible journey and have met many, many new friends.” – Cole Frederick Knoxville, TN

“TWB taught me to be independent while also working with a team.” – Jenna Trantham Mooresville, NC

“TWB gave me a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see our beautiful country and I could not imagine passing that up.” – Bailee Keller Gastonia, NC

“I never knew sprinklers could bring people together and make them a family.” – Cody Haigler Pageland, SC

“TWB is an unforgettable experience and it has forever changed me as a person.” – Seth McCachern Mooresville, NC

“Great reminder of how good home cooking is.” – Timothy Sellers Mooresville, NC

“My heart grew 2 sizes and my family grew by 81.” – Cameron Thomas Belmont, NC

“The last few days of the trip are the worst because you realize the best experience of your life is ending.” – Tanner Hester Whiteville, NC

“It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey.” – Nate Craven Gastonia, NC

“23 days, 81 best friends, 6 amazing counselors, and 1 legendary motor coach operator, but I don’t think any participant can count all the moments of joy.” – Gia Lash Huntersville, NC

“It’s an adventure of a lifetime.” – John Gray Blount Cramerton, NC

“TWB was an amazing experience to find out who I am as a person also what having true friends mean!” – Alicia Hutchins Gastonia, NC

“This isn’t something you can google only experience and that’s what makes it such a life changer.” – Aubrie Miller Beaufort, SC

“You’re going to be tired, but don’t take it for granted because you won’t get an experience like this again.” – Carly Kurtiak Gastonia, NC

“You will never get an opportunity like this anywhere else, it truly changed my life.” – Mackenzie Wright Mooresville, NC

“My TWB experience will surely change my life, it certainly has already changed the way I think about other people.” – Lizzie Love Laurinburg, NC

“TWB the best way to know you’re cared for and loved.” – Alaina Wallace Laurel Hill, NC

“It was our family at home getting us through TWB, but it’s our TWB family that gets us through life.” – Rylee Roller Laurinburg, NC

“Words can not describe the past 23 days.” – Griffin Law Raleigh, NC

“It’s something unpredictable but in the end it’s right, I hope you had the time of your life.” – Ashlee Hamrick Kings Mountain, NC

“From the trains in Georgia to the sprinklers in California, TWB has given me so many friends and memories that I will love and cherish forever.” – Tyler Sellers Laurinburg, NC

“I really enjoyed this trip and it was the greatest experience of my life.” – Logan Mantooth Gastonia, NC

“You really find yourself and get to meet 81 new friends while doing it.” – Jada Prichard Eden, NC

“TWB has been the best experience of my life and the people I met, I can’t imagine living without.” – Mary Anna Chewning Mount Holly, NC

“Teens Westward Bound is a 23 day life changing experience where you not only get to see our beautiful country but you get to make 81 new best friends.” – Katie Bowyer Gastonia, NC

“82 people, 23 days, 14 states all led to one deep appreciation of one’s home, one’s country, others, and oneself.” – Alexandria Marsicovetere Indian Land, SC

“TWB gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel across the country with 81 friends and 7 awesome leaders.” – Sara McCarthy Indian Trail, NC

“TWB as become my family and I will never be able to repay this family for all they’ve done for me and for shaping me into the person that I am today.” – Callie Matthews Lexington, SC

“The best experience in my entire life.” – Lillian Sumner Beaufort, SC

“The trip changed me for the better and meant more to me than anyone could imagine.” – Rylee Gaus Mooresville, NC

“TWB has given me a new family and unforgettable adventures!” – Natalie Tillis Rockingham, NC

“I never realized you could make 81 friends so fast.” – Tristen Brock Union, SC

“TWB has opened my eyes to so many things and has been the best experience ever.” – Kenley Hazel Roxboro, NC

“TWB has made me so much stronger than I could ever imagine.” – Mary Helen Alford Newberry, SC

“There is nothing greater than the amount of beauty TWB allows you to see.” – Bailey Sloop Laurinburg, NC

“Sorry dad, the camera did nothing justice, except maybe New Orleans.” – Nicole Fortin Mooresville, NC

“TWB is a discovery of the country but more so of your own self and the people around you.” Kristina Sellers Mooresville, NC

“TWB is a life changing trip and I wouldn’t trade eating sandwiches, sleeping outside with bugs and 81 new best friends for anything in the world!” – Maddie Cabe Mooresville, NC

“TWB was an eye opener for me. It gave me a chance to see a glimpse of God’s glory, and realize that there’s more out there for me than my small hometown.” – Emma Parson Indian Trail, NC

“TWB has opened my eyes to many different things and has made a huge impact on my life.” – Taryn Jenkins Cherryville, NC

“God has given us an amazing gift and I can’t believe we have such an amazing opportunity to soak it all up.” Caroline McCrorey Mooresville/Huntersville, NC

“I came on this trip to prove 1 could go off by myself and make it alone, but what 1 found is that you’re never truly alone.” – Caleb “Crispy” Bozard Barnwell, SC

“TWB provides an answer for all your uncertainties, a journey for your wanted adventures, and most importantly family, a home for the days you feel unloved.” – Mikayla Wright Mooresville, NC

“Seeing America was lit but the friends I made on TWB are litter.”  - Sarah Bass Elon, NC

“I am so thankful for this opportunity to see America and make 89 new friends.” – Baylee Willis Bessener City, NC

“As someone who was worried about going on the trip, I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.” – Lucas Bonomo Mooresville, NC

“No matter how right you pack your bags, going home after TWB will still leave you with a heavy heart.” – Sarah Whalen Louisville, KY

“I was shy. I didn’t start expanding till the end.” – Liza McIntyre Laurinburg, NC

“TWB was the best experience of my life, it’s a really unique experience to travel the country with 80+ strangers and become best friends within 3 days.” – Ashley Weinsten Charlotte, NC

“TWB is such an amazing experience that I wish everyone could go on and I wouldn’t want to be with any other group of people.” Leah Mosher Abbeville, SC

“The trip of a lifetime is beyond an understatement.” – Nick Richard Mooresville, NC

“The trip opened my eyes to see so many unique aspects of this country and life in general.” – Ian Stines Dallas, NC

“23 days away from home may seem impossible but with 82 new friends anything is possible.” – Blessid Snow Charlotte, NC

“There really isn’t anything ever you will experience that is like this trip. It is the trip of a lifetime.” – Olivia Kafer Roxboro, NC

“TWB is the best place to make new friends and be yourself.” – Kirsten Tevepaugh Mooresville, NC

“TWB is life changing and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.” – Anderson Crowder Gastonia, NC

“This trip is the best experience that anyone could ever dream of having.” – Caleb Mann Oxford, NC

“Much love.” – Allie Temple

“Listening to the stories from past participants nowhere near encompasses how amazing the trip and the people/counselors on it are.” – Sarah Royster