Day 20

Saved the best for last!!  The Grumpy’s are here to wrap up TWB Trip 1 2017!! We are Carly Kurtiak, John Gray Blount, Caleb “Crispy” Bozard, Tristen Brock, Maddie Cabe, Kaite Greene, Alicia Hutchins, Gia Lash, Griffin Law, Aubrie Miller, Logan Swain, Natalie Tillis and Mackenzie Wright!!

After our last night of sleeping indoors, we were woken up with the notorious “GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!” from Dallas! For the late sleepers, along came Jon, threatening to hit us with a broom if we didn’t get out of our sleeping bags fast enough!

After loading up the bus and vans, we were disappointed to find out that we were not allowed to sleep on the vehicles, due to the fact that some people had woken up Mr. G (the Legend) at 2:30 in the morning *cough cough* BOYS.  After our quick trip to Wal-Mart, the new cooks (the Sneezy’s) fed us yogurt (a choice of blueberry, strawberry, or peach), strawberries, and granola bars for breakfast.  We were kept awake for the first 2 hours of driving by heavy metal, vomiting noises, high heat, crying babies, frequencies, cat meows, vomiting noises dog whistles, inspirational quotes, and the song “Honey, I’m Good” on repeat. 

As our patience was tested and our frustration continued, the counselors gave us a break and let us watch movies on the bus (and nap *SHH*), as a break from the continuous corn and wheat fields of Kansas. We voted on which movies we wanted to watch, our choices were “Over the Hedge”, the new “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Napoleon Dynamite” (with some of the guys wanting “Space Balls”… They got salty. LOL). The final vote was close, but we decided on “Napoleon Dynamite!” We made it through the first 15 minutes of the movie, only to find out Jordan Carlson’s DVD was scratched. He made an excuse, saying, “It has been in my bag for 20 days, of course it is going to be scratched!!” We then took another vote for the next movie, in which we settled on the new “Beauty and the Beast”. While the bus enjoyed their lunchtime entertainment, the vans endured “Van Talk” with Dallas and personalized music jams with Jon, Hannah, Matt and Eugene.

Crispy in Kansas!
For lunch, we “enjoyed” bread form #8546…. Hoagies (yes mom, we are all tired of sandwiches... So don’t expect us to be eating that for the next month…) On the “lovely” hoagies, we were able to choose from ham and turkey, mustard and mayo, cheese, and lettuce, along with healthy apple slices and “oreos” for our dessert! 

Woohoo! Another stretch break. We stopped 3 times, with the girl’s bathroom line holding up the trip once again. It got so bad some girls used the guy’s restrooms (gotta do what ya gotta do).  After that we drove for another “two hours”, to a special TWB spot in the middle of nowhere. We pulled off the ramp to an oilrig and took a QUICK group picture. After sprinting back to the buses and vans, we embarked on ANOTHER two-hour stretch. Miss America and driver Hannah missed an exit because co-pilot Crispy Bozard was too busy dancing to his idol, Britney Spears, to pay attention to the directions…

Shortly after we arrived to our second Wal-Mart stop of the day, we all ran inside to purchase bug spray, after being warned that we were entering humidity and bug territory once again… (we didn’t miss it).

TWB teaches you to sleep whenever and wherever you can as shown by Natalie Tillis and Mary Helen Alford!

Cooks, Liza McIntyre, Anderson Crowder, Blessid Snow, Ian Stines, and Lala Parris!

Once we arrived to our campsite, we got a tour of the bathrooms and realized the showers are pretty far away, and many people are taking on the “No Shower Challenge”. Along with the leader of the challenge, Logan Mantooth (he’s already on day 6… with only taking 2 showers this entire time on TWB), we have: Callie Matthews, Katie Greene, Seth McCachern, just naming a few of his loyal followers.

Ian Stines and Bailee Keller!

Liza McIntyre and Jordan Carlson cooking dinner!

Cooks making quesadillas!

Following our dinner of chicken quesadillas, salsa and chips, and corn this evening, we will embark on competition #4 (the event…still unknown).  It has been around 3 days since our last sing-a-long…looks like Tuttle Creek State Park’s Campers will be serenaded with our lovely voices tonight in the great state of Kansas!

Our competition was popping balloons!!! We separated into our groups and had to run down and pop the balloons without using our hands! The Happy's took the crown... again!!!

With around 2 weeks of no humidity or bugs, we can all collectively say, “We are GRUMPY about coming back into heat, humidity, and bugs.” And with 3 days left, we have mixed feelings about coming home. (We miss you doing our laundry and food, mom. And dad…).  This is the Grumpy’s, letting you know we are not really grumpy, we are just really tired…. Love y’all!!!