Day 19

Hello from the Happys (champs of the day—we’ll explain later)!!!

Today was an early morning, hearing Dallas’ “Good morning sunshines!” at 5:45am! The morning entailed a large number of threats concerning whether or not we would make it to the Olympic Training Center on time. After most TWBers slept 2-3 hours on the bus, we were served a variety of muffins and whole bananas! Even after breakfast, many participants got some extra shuteye—making up for a long night at Mt. Rushmore. 

As we made our way to the Air Force Academy, we were served chicken, bacon, lettuce, cheese, and ranch wraps from the cooks. After lunch, we discovered how tired we all actually were, as we continued to sleep even more (sleep deprivation is catching up to us). While most of us were sleeping, the Miss America van ran into a bit of a gas problem--driving on 0 gas mileage for over 5 miles. Eventually they made it to a gas station called Loaf n’ Jug. How did they do it? I guess they were “Livin on a Prayer”  J

Inside of the Chapel!

The beautiful chapel at the Air Force Academy!

At the Air Force Academy, former TWBer Cadet Addison Smith showed us all around the campus. Addison gave us a quick tour, showing us the chapel, dorms, and student center! Addison even stuck around to receive a few kisses on the cheek from some participants. KISSING CADETS! It’s fair to say the ladies had fun kissing a cadet! After the hot tour we were relieved to get back on the bus with Mr. G and some AC!!!

Cadet Addison Smith informing us about the academy!
Next, we drove a short distance to the Olympic Training Center (we made it after all). There we added to our collection of American gear with some new Team USA hats and T-Shirts.  After we explored the main building, we watched a 15-minute video and took a tour of the entire campus. We even saw a few Olympians in training! SO COOL!

Aubrie Miller, Liza McIntyre, Carly Kurtiak, and Cam Ray!

Bryce Curtis, Ian Stines, Nate Craven, and Caleb Mann with APOLLO OHNO!

Anderson Crowder, Bryce Curtis, and Nate Craven practicing their luge skills!

Lucas Bonomo and Felipe Moda!

Olympic Training Center pool! Just think, Michael Phelps has swam in this pool!!

Taking a tour of the Olympic Training Center!

Lillian Sumner and Jordyn Burrell!

After we toured the Olympic Training Center, we made our way to Colorado College where we would settle in for the night. After we first arrived, we listened to a bit of research on all the things we’d seen today.  Jenna Bright shared on Colorado College, Andrew Pracher shared on The Air Force Academy, Taryn Jenkins shared on the Olympic Training Center, and Blessid Snow shared on the great state of Colorado.

Jenna Bright presenting her research on Colorado College!

Taryn Jenkins telling us about The Olympic Training Center!

Andrew Prachar giving us more information on The Air Force Academy!

Blessid Snow filling us in on the state of Colorado!

After research, the building we were staying at was still locked; this meant the counselors had to get creative in order to pass some time.  We ended up playing Rock-Paper-Scissors war and Bird on a Perch until the cooks left to prepare dinner. What was dinner you may ask? Just the best surprise ever after a long day—Domino’s pizza, chips and cookies. We even were treated to some soda! (Off brand of course—gotta please mama Dallas)

After our dinner, we trucked up the stair with our heavy bags to settle in for the night in the Colorado College auxillary gym. But it wasn’t time for sleep yet—today was the day of the famous TWB Dance Competition! Each group was given some extra time to put finishing touches on our dance routines and get into our outfits (many groups bringing back out the American gear from yesterday).
After a little more practice, the competition began, and the Colorado College gym was filled with the sweet lyrics of “Party in the USA” (over, and over, and over again). Each group brought their best—from shirtless boys in bralettes, to step routines, to Crispy Bozard’s interpretive dance—even the counselors busted some moves! In the end it came down to two groups: the Bashfuls and the Happys. However, only one could win. After a quick game of rock-paper-scissors by the counselors the Happys came out on top!

Camryn Bernhardt and Lillie Griffin!

Winston Wise, Abby Copeland, Jessica Turney, Sara McCarthy, Kristina Vaher, Brogan Brown, Camryn Bernhardt, and Lillie Griffin!

Sarah Bass, Erin Sherrill, Jordyn Burrell, Baylee Willis, and Taryn Jenkins!
All we can say is that we are living up to our name—we are very Happy.

            Signing off for the night and for the rest of the trip,