Day 15

Hey, it’s the Sneezys again! Last night was mail night and we got lots and lots and looots of snacks (that most of us could not fit in our bags…). The Wright twins got nametags in their mail and they had a blast naming all of the participants and counselors!!! Here are some mail pics!!

Camryn Bernhardt and Lillie Griffin!

Aubrie Miller, Carly Kurtiak, and Alicia Hutchins!

All smiles from Tristen Brock!

Blessid Snow and Jenna Trantham!

Natalie Tillis and Sarah McCarty!

Mary-Anna Chewning, Tyler Sellers, Griffin Law, Erin Sherrill, and Sarah Royster!

Lucas Bonomo and Callie Matthews!

Ashlee Hamrick, Taryn Jenkins, and Jordyn Burrell!

Logan Swain, Jada Prichard, Sarah Bass, and Mary Helen Alford!

Tim Sellers and Seth McCrachen were sent CHEERWINE!!

Cameron Thomas, Kristina Sellers, Richard Fernandez, and Maddie Cabe!

John Gray Blount and the boys!

Rylee Gaus and Tristen Brock!

Logan Mantooth got some gluten-free food!

Tyler Sellers and his Cheerwine!

Callie Matthews and Jon!

Griffin Law and Lillie Griffin with their endless supply of snacks!

Abby Copeland rocking her America socks with Jon!
This morning we got to sleep in… until 7am!!! This is truly sleeping in for this trip! We loaded the bus and vans after the site managers cleaned up our mess from the night before and we headed to Salt Lake City, Utah! The cooks served a delicious breakfast of assorted pastries and Capri suns.

We eventually got to the Mormon Tabernacle in Temple Square and were shown around by some very nice missionaries. We got to see and learn about the beauty and history of the Mormon culture!

Taking a tour!

The Mormon Temple!
After that, we walked to the mall across the street and many of us went straight to Chick-Fil-A to catch breakfast TGFCM!! (Thank Goodness for Chicken Minis!!) Bailey Sloop actually cried from the joy of the familiar fast food joint and many of us had our first sweet tea in weeks!

Ian Stines proudly holding his Chick-Fil-A sandwich!!! 

Mary Helen Alford, Katie Greene, Kirsten Tevepaugh, and Cole Frederick LOVING their Chick-Fil-A!

Jordan Carlson couldn't be more happy to have some sweet tea!

Sarah Royster, Nicole Fortin, and Natalie Tillis with their lunch!
Sarah Whalen’s aunt and uncle came from Colorado to visit her at the food court and even took her to lunch! We had a few hours to explore the mall and went to stores like Forever 21, American Eagle, and… (of course) the Apple Store. It was flooded with TWBers FaceTiming their loved ones (we didn’t get asked to leave this time!!!) Before we left the mall, we had lunch at the food court. Many visited Chick-Fil-A again but some went to Sbarro and other delicious options that are so much better than PB&J (sorry cooks.) Ashley Weinstein had her first filling vegan meal that she was very pleased with (she hasn’t been full in two weeks!)

We proceeded to load the bus and head off to Bear Lake, Utah!! We stopped in Wal-Mart (of course) so our fabulous cooks could get food for tomorrow and many of us bought chocolate milk, gallons of tea, and pints of ice cream (not a lot of snacks because we have pounds of snacks and candy from last night!) In other news, Caroline and Grant came back today! We missed you guys!!!

Someone caught Grant on the slump cam!!
We finally made it to the beautiful Bear Lake after seeing it on the drive down the mountains (so much prettier than the lakes at home) and we were again, “a group of 60!!” Tonight, we had another competition, a water balloon throwing contest!! We all got into our groups and competed against each other so that the winning pair from each group would go to the championship round!!! Bennet Estes and Brogan Brown from the Happy group were the big winners!!!!

Most of us plan to bathe in the lake later tonight before our sing-a-long and the bloggers will check back in tomorrow from Wyoming!

Bear Lake!

Driving towards Bear Lake!