Day 23

The Grumpy’s are here for the final day of Teens Westward Bound Trip 1 2017.  Describing these past 23 days for each group has been hard, but we think our job is the hardest to capture and summarize the last day we say goodbye to our new friends. 

Today we woke up for the final time as a group of 82 at 6:00 am with our final “Good Morning Sunshines” from Dallas Godbold.  For all vehicles this morning (and the rest of the day) we were not to sleep and fulfill all last moments with each other.  Before making our way into Tennessee for our final Wal-Mart stop the vans and bus jammed to many of our favorite tunes from the trip such as “American Pie”, “Don’t Stop Believing”, “My Wish”, “Life is a Highway”, “Lean on Me”, and “Catch and Release” (one of our new favorites thanks to Eugene). 

We made it into Tennessee for our final Wal-Mart stop for our cooks to by us breakfast and lunch.  Many of us, with this being our last Wal-Mart stop, went ALL OUT!  Griffin Law bought a sleeve of 13 doughnuts, Tyler Sellers bought a box of 6 cinnamon rolls, Emma Parson bought a 2-liter of Dr. Pepper, Logan Swain and Kenley Hazel bought their second pint of Ben & Jerry’s on the trip, Jada Prichard bought both an entire hoagie and a pineapple, Mary Helen Alford bought four red velvet cupcakes, and numerous people bought muffins (keep in mind, this is all before our breakfast).  For a change for a traveling breakfast, we had a choice of  “Colossal Crunch Berry”, “Tutti Frutti”, and “Cinnamon Toasties” with milk and to reduce spills, we used Styrofoam cups. 

As we continued on our travels, getting closer and closer to home, both the bus and vans had some bittersweet moments.  On the bus many people were passing around journals as if they were yearbooks at the end of a school year, while the vans were listening to many of our favorite TWB tunes as we crossed the Tennessee/North Carolina border.  Shortly after crossing into North Carolina we stopped at a rest area for us all to relieve ourselves (by day 23, the girls have finally figured out how to make the line move faster).  These last few hours are bittersweet, as we all continue to say our goodbyes, listen to our favorite tunes, nap on each other (shhh…don’t tell the counselors), and share our last peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

We are now at our last rest stop in Troutman for our groups to finish our final jobs before pick-up at Mallard Creek.  Dopey’s are doing their final bus cleaning and your very own Grumpy’s are writing the final blog.  This time at the rest stop is bittersweet; we may not miss these rest stops across America, but we will miss the people we stopped at them with. 

This is the Grumpy’s for the final signoff.  We promise we aren’t grumpy; we just have mixed feelings about the next 4 hours.