Day 16

Hey it's the Sneezys for the last time! Today we had a very eventful day, we woke up at 5:45am and it was still quiet hours at our campsite so we had to be quiet this morning!

Today we left Utah and drove through Idaho to get to Wyoming!! WOW, three states in one day!! While in Idaho, Grant decided to play the potato and banana song many times… as Tanner requested. Many, many, many… times...

Jon repping America even while he sleeps!

Hannah and Rylee Roller fast asleep on the bus!!!
Next we stopped at a rest stop and decided to pretend to be wild animals of Wyoming, (which wasn’t much of a challenge for us)!! We got back on the bus and had a very healthy breakfast including nature valley bars and bananas! Everyone got a whole banana too!!!

Tyler Sellers, Ashley Weinstein, Sara McCarthy, Tristen Brock, Blessid Snow, Taryn Jenkins, Isaac Allison, Sarah Whalen, Lala Parris, and Callie Matthews laying down (we think)!!!!!!!

Rylee Gaus and Sarah Royster buying the BANANAS!!!!
After driving for a few more hours we arrived at Jackson Hole, which had famous bison burgers and an archway of elk antlers! A few of us were able to enjoy bison burgers while others were out of luck… good thing they have them in Cody, Wyoming as well!! Grant told us the night before that Jackson Hole had the best t-shirts and he wasn’t lying, we all bought so many shirts and some of us even found some for only $5!!!


Later on around 12pm, those who decided not to buy lunch enjoyed a picnic consisting of PB&J sandwiches, chips, and cookies. Afterwards we headed to the Grand Tetons and stopped at the Chapel of Transfiguration.

Chapel of Transfiguration

Hannah, Dallas, Jon, Grant, Eugene, and Matt in front of the Grand Tetons!
The mountains were beautiful with the snow still at the very tops! Grant even told us that he hiked the mountains with some of his great friends about 10 years ago!

The Grand Tetons!
After traveling for a few more hours we stopped at Yellowstone National Park and walked through the oldest Inn in America, as we were waiting for Old Faithful to erupt!
Group picture at Old Faithful!

The Yellowstone Inn!

The beautiful Old Faithful!
After seeing Old Faithful, research was presented by Kacie Barrett and Abbey Copeland, who both had Jackson Hole, Katie Greene who talked about Old Faithful, Lizzey Love shared about the other geysers in Yellowstone, Cody Haigler had San Francisco (we were a little late)… and Jordan Carlson who did the Grand Teton Mountains!!!!

Abby Copeland telling us about Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Kacie Barrett also telling us about Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Jordan Carlson presenting about the Grant Teton Mountains!

Winston Wise giving his research on Yellowstone National Park!

Katie Greene telling us about Old Faithful!

Lizzey Love informing us about the other geysers in Yellowstone!

Cody Haigler catching up on his research with San Francisco!
After finishing research we were allowed to shop in the gift shops for about an hour! Yay more t-shirts!!! Then we headed to see mud pots and plains! We had a special guest, Ranger ‘Gene, who provided interesting facts, including that if you were to touch the sulfuric geyser there would be “instant death” and “instant regret!!” Also Jon translated all this information into Spanish for us! As we walked around, the place smelled like scrambled eggs because of the sulfur in the geysers and thermal springs.



Continuing on our journey, we headed to the little Grand Canyon to pursue a 4-mile hike! We could not wait as we started our walk only to realize that we only would take a few steps to see the view of huge, beautiful waterfall!!

The Little Grand Canyon!
We are beginning our drive to arrive in Cody, Wyoming very late… around 12 am to be exact! We actually are typing this while in Miss America with the one and only Hannah!!!  We are looking forward to white water rafting and the rodeo tomorrow in the RODEO CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!

We had a blast being bloggers!! We miss you all, can’t wait to see you in a week!