Day 21

The Grumpy’s are back again!! We got to sleep in this morning!! We were woken up by Matt Harkey at 6:00 am, and at this point we will gladly take any extra sleep! 

Before leaving the cornfields of Kansas, we stopped by the home of the Jayhawks, Kansas University. We heard research from Lillian Sumner about the state of Kansas, Bryce Curtis about Kansas University, Sara McCarthy about the oil wells of Kansas, and Anderson Crowder about Kansas State University!  After being informed we all knew we had the knowledge to head up to the bookstore to do some serious shopping. We arrived right as the bookstore opened, with the cashiers grinning from ear to ear to see none other than 82 teenagers!!  Since the bus had not yet eaten breakfast (a choice of cinnamon, strawberry, or raspberry rolls), many of us decided to raid the coffee shop as well. Cam Ray, of course, ran straight to the Apple products in the back of the store to talk to her friends and family!

ALWAYS taking advantage of the Apple products in bookstores!

More advantage takers!

After leaving the campus with some Jayhawk swag in hand and on backs, we crossed into the state of Missouri heading to our next Wal-Mart stop! YAY WALMART! Many of us were tired of eating peanut butter and jelly (pretty sure we have been eating out of the same jars of peanut butter for around 20 days) so many people stopped by the Subway and Wal-Mart deli for lunch! With lack of sleep and Eastern temperature changes, many of us have unfortunately caught the common cold.  Now for the past few Wal-Mart stops, we have been stocking up on OJ, tissues, and cold medicine (thanks to Brogan Brown and all other adults for buying it for us)!  

Once we left Wal-Mart, we had a long stretch as we were on our way to The St. Louis Gateway Arch!  Lucas Bonomo, trying to prevent illness, bought mango flavored orange juice to the back of the bus…only for it to be spilled all over the back.  Lucas had forgotten to screw on the cap, resulting in Andrew Prachar spilling it on Cody Haigler (have fun bus cleaners!).  Carolina Girl was dropping off one of our own, Jordan Carlson, at the airport (many of us cried, but at least he is coming back for the last day!!!). 

As arriving in St. Louis, Crispy Bozard shared some fun facts regarding the skyscrapers in the city, as well as many other cities in all the states we have passed through (we will tell you later parents, don’t worry).  Once we arrived at our parking spot at the arch, we found none other than Grant Deaton to greet us!

We all gathered onto the steps of the Mississippi River, again, only this time we were in Missouri to hear research from our very own Tanner Hester and Bailee Keller on the city of St. Louis. We also rode a roller coaster with Jon!!!! We had about one hour to tour the gift shop before it was our time to go up in the arch (hope heights don’t scare too many).  Many people got refreshments from the vending machines because it was so hot, including St. Louis native cream soda. Many others went to the fudge shop, including Maddie Cabe who took on the “buy two get one free deal” (trust us, it was really good).

Tanner Hester telling us about St. Louis!

Bailee Keller presenting her research on St. Louis!


Once the time came to take our ride in the sky, we had to split up into groups of five (luckily, we were able to pick our groups).  To ride in the arch, we all had to squeeze into these small 4x4 pods! Cue Closter phobia! When inside the arch, we could hear all the other groups screaming for jokes and singing the whole ride up. It was SKETCH!  The path leading into the pods was under construction and the entire way up there was one window where we could all see the supports and mechanics of the arch.

WE MADE IT TO THE TOP!!!!!! The sketchy four-minute ride was worth it after being able to see the wonderful view, from 630 feet up in the air! We were able to see almost the entire city of St. Louis on one side, with the Mississippi River and the state of Illinois on the other.  We came back down from the top and headed back in the muggy heat to the vehicles. We had another stretch to our final destination of the day, McNair Camp Grounds on Carlyle Lake, Illinois.
Tyler Sellers, Griffin Law, Lillie Griffin, Camryn Bernhardt, and Nick Richard!

Taryn Jenkins, Alex Marsicovetere, Ashley Weinstein, Crispy Bozard, and Alicia Hutchins!

Cameron Thomas, Tristen Brock, Lucas Bonomo, and Richard Fernandez!

Jordyn Burrell and Richard Fernandez!

Callie Matthews, Jordyn Burrell, Seth McCrachen, Brogan Brown, and Carolina McCrorey!

At the top of the arch!

Cameron Thomas and Winston Wise!

Jenna Bright and Ashley Weinstein being the arch!

Lillie Griffin and Griffin Law!

Mackenzie Wright, Jenna Bright, Ashlee Hamrick, and Camryn Bernhardt!

Dinner tonight was meatball subs, with a side Caesar salad, chips, and cookies for dessert!  Later this evening we will have another sing-a-long, two nights in a row (we must have done something good!) This is the Grumpy Group signing off, saying we aren’t grumpy, we are just sad we have to leave our friends in a few days L