Day 17

Hello!!!!! Happys here today to give you the daily scoop! We are: Camryn Bernhardt, Brogan Brown, Abby Copeland, Bryce Curtis, Bennett Estes, Richard Fernandez, Lillie Griffin, Kenley Hazel, Sara McCarthy, Camryn Ray, Bailey Sloop, Jessica Turney, Kristina Vaher, and Winston Wise!

Winston Wise, Bailey Sloop, Kristina Vaher, Jessica Turney, Sara McCarthy, Richard Fernandez, Cam Ray, Kenley Hazel, Brogan Brown, Camryn Bernhardt, Lillie Griffin, Bryce Curtis, Bennet Estes, and Abby Copeland!

It’s day seventeen and waking up to Dallas’ good morning songs are still a challenge!! We got some extra shuteye today, waking up at 6:45am.  Some of us had a harder time than others (Rylee Gaus, Lillian Sumner and our own Camryn Ray were unfortunately dragged out of their sleeping bags by Jon Allis), which was amusing to us!!

This morning we headed off for White Water Rafting at Wyoming River Trips here in Cody, Wyoming on the Shoshone River! We were shuttled to the center by the company rather than our own Mr. G. We had the opportunity to sign the bus we rode in as well as seeing past participant’s signatures!! So awesome! When we got to the center we were strapped into our life jackets and took a group picture then were shuttled to the Shoshone River. From there we split up into groups of ten and met with our guides to have a brief safety meeting, because safety is number 1!!!

Ready for white water rafting!!

Ashlee Hamrick, Maddie Cabe, Jessica Turney, Kenley Hazel, Tristen Brock, John Gray Blount, and Jada Prichard!

Eugene and Jon ready to raft!

Camryn Bernhardt, Nick Richard, and Kacie Barrett!

We set off on our twelve mile rafting adventure… some became more wet than others because the rapids were awesome since the water was a little higher than normal! We saw many beautiful sites such as the Red Rock Canyon and some groups got to witness magnificent wild life such as deer and bald eagles!! MERICA! Meanwhile, others spent the whole ride singing at the top of their lungs and celebrating one of our guides Hunter’s birthday!

After the ride we waddled with numb feet onto the buses back to the campsite. We were then greeted with one of the best meals we’ve had on the trip so far which was provided by our amazing counselors! We feasted on toast with various jams, eggs, sausage, and grits with our choice of orange juice or water! YUM! Because of the freezing water we shivered while eating our breakfast. However, we weren’t cold for much longer because we began baking in the warm sun!  After breakfast we were put to work with dishwashers cleaning dishes and bus cleaner’s fixing the buses which had Sour Patch Kids and Cheetos thrown every where…gross right? Good thing we’re bloggers (but sorry for the mess bus cleaners and thanks to the parents for the snacks that were thrown on the ground). Along with jobs we were also shuttled to the Laundromats where we washed our clothes for the final time this trip! While we were there we socialized and went to the Starbucks in the grocery store! However, Sara McCarthy went to urgent care with Hannah during everyone’s free time due to a bug bite that swelled on her leg. Luckily she was okay and got a steroid shot on her hip so she was ready for the rodeo!

Line for the girls bathroom is ALWAYS loooooong!

When we weren’t doing laundry we were back at the campsite, sleeping, playing soccer/Frisbee, or going to the Dairy Queen right up the road. Our camp neighbors even joined us for a game of soccer and we learned some neat soccer tricks!

Everyone was showering and getting ready for the rodeo and had time to make a quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips and cookies for lunch! A TWB Original meal! Girls in particular had a great time waiting ten people deep for the shower lines, boys always have it easy!! In that free time we were given the chance to talk to our parents and other family members, which is always enjoyed because we miss hearing all your lovely voices! Dinner was served around 5:00pm and we had delicious chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and green beans, and a patriotic cookie! After dinner we loaded onto the bus to go shopping in downtown Cody where we spent most of our time in the Yellowstone Gift shop avoiding the rain/deciding which cowboy hat to buy for the rodeo!

Lillie Griffin, The Grant Deaton, and Abby Copeland!

From there we headed to the rodeo capital of the world, Cody Stampede in Cody, Wyoming (which almost smelled as bad as New Orleans).  We saw some interesting things including the new and improved Elvis Presley, foreign cowboys, and even our own TWBers riding the mechanical bull!  Despite the smell, the food was good even though you had to pay an extra dollar for jalapenos, so worth it! Halfway through the rodeo it started to down pour and we all knew what was coming, but more on that later.

Caleb Bozard, "Crispy" having the ride of his life!

Nick Richard and Abby Copeland!

Erin Sherrill taking a ride on the mechanical bull! 

Richard Fernandez, Lucas Bonomo, Winston Wise, and Cameron Thomas!

Lucas Bonomo and Callie Matthews!

The rodeo ended at 10:00pm and we all swarmed back to the bus where we sat in the parking lot for 20 minutes and heard stories from Dallas and Jon, which we can safely say we’ve never heard in a storybook. We finally got out of the parking lot and made it safely to the campsite where we discovered our stuff had been drenched even though we’d put tarps over our things before we left. Shout out to our friendly camping neighbors for grabbing our tarps after they blew away and placing them back on our stuff and also to Matt and Grant for keeping the laundromats open for us to dry our wet sleeping bags! 

That concludes another unforgettable day across America! While this was our first blogging experience we hope you enjoyed it! These are the HappysJ signing off!!!!


The Happy’s!