Day 18

Heeeeellllloooooo people of the Carolina’s! Happys here with a special 4th of July edition to the blog J

Today we woke up at 6:45am and began frantically trying to gather our still wet (and now smelly) clothes/sleeping bags! As we left,  we said our goodbyes to our new friends from New York who were also traveling out west this summer (however, TWB is better of course). We left Cody, Wyoming in style: decked out in our American gear!!! Our outfits included American Flag leggings, shirts, hats, socks, headbands, and almost any other American attire you can think of because we LOVE America!!!

Matt Harkey and Maddie Cabe!

Nate Craven and John Gray Blount!
We headed east to go to the great state of South Dakota to spend the 4th at Mount Rushmore! Name a more patriotic place to spend the 4th of July… I’ll wait… On the way, the cooks treated us to croissants with various jams, even Wal-Mart brand Nutella, and half of a banana for breakfast! Many of our TWBers spent the drive looking out the window at Shell Canyon while others caught up on some much needed rest! It was a beautiful drive! Between breakfast and naps we got even more patriotic with our face paint and tattoos (temporary of course).

The vans spent their time jamming to patriotic songs like “American Pie” and “God Bless the USA” to pass the time! The people on Miss America even played Family Feud and Heads up to pass the time until lunch! It didn’t help that we weren’t allowed to eat snacks on the bus/van since we made such a mess with them the day before and all the previous days... Tristen Brock even got busted for snaking on the bus! (It’s ok though--mama Dallas handled it)

We ate a nutritious lunch of sandwich sliders made with Hawaiian rolls, chocolate animal crackers, and whales (which are better than goldfish btw). On TWB we have now experienced every kind of bread--muffins, tortillas, Hawaiian roles, bagels, doughnuts, etc! Carbs across the nation! Not long after that we stopped at Wal-Mart and got questionable looks for our patriotic attire (like the people at Wal-Mart have room to talk). 

Then, we loaded back up and went to a park in Custer, South Dakota, where we separated into our groups to work on our next competition-–the dance off!!!! We each were given the task of making up a dance to “Party in the USA” to perform tomorrow night! The counselors chose “Party in the USA” because that was the song that brought us all together on the first night and still continues to whenever we have sing-a-longs!

Griffin Law, Andrew Prachar, Jada Prichard, Rylee Gaus, Tristen Brock, Tyler Sellers, Caroline McCrorey, Mary-Anna Chewning, Nick Richard, Sarah Royster, Katie Bowyer, Logan Mantooth, and Caleb Mann at Custer Park!

Scattered storms caused us to spend the first 15 minutes of our work time in the vans/busses waiting out the rain. The drizzle finally stopped and we were able to get to work. Each group worked at their own pace until all our attention was drawn to the playground where a couple of TWBers had started a game on the playground spinner (we have no idea what it’s called). In the game, the lucky victim would hold on for dear life as the spinner gave them a whirl. When the spinner would stop, the participant would attempt to run as far as they could—normally ending up on the ground! Most of us didn’t make it far at all. However, our fearless counselors tried and conquered the playground spinner toy...minus Dallas who fell in a puddle!  Actually, really none of them did very well.  After a few more rounds, we were pulled away from our game when the cooks called for dinner. We enjoyed a tasty meal of hotdogs, mac-n-cheese, beans, watermelon, and cupcakes (patriotic themed of course).

Crispy going for a spin!

Jon before....

Jon after...
After we finished eating we got on the bus and headed to the Custer YMCA where we placed our stuff down and shared research from California… yeah, we’re not the best at this research thing. We had a very entertaining rap from Bailey Sloop about California, followed by the performance of Jordyn Burrell who sang to us about Disneyland (we had some catching up to do). Jessica Turney taught us a little about South Dakota, while Rylee Gaus shared about Mt. Rushmore, and Tristen Brock on Custer, South Dakota.

Jessica Turney presenting her research on South Dakota!

Tristen Brock telling us about Custer, SD!

Bailey Sloop spitting the baddest rap about CALIfornia!

Jordyn Burrell singing about Disneyland!
After research we loaded onto the bus to head to Mt. Rushmore! When we first got there we took a group picture and many ran to try the ice cream that had been hyped up to us by the counselors--it did not disappoint! After some more picture taking, we met in the amphitheater at 8:30pm to watch a 4th of July presentation about the monument! The short film unfortunately lacked audio, however there was a great ceremony at the end honoring our veterans!! The audience then poorly attempted to sing the National Anthem (pretty difficult task considering there was no audio).  After that we loaded back into the bus and came back to the YMCA to tuck in for the night.

Group picture!

Lucas Bonomo, Callie Matthews, and Seth McCrachen!

Mikayla Wright, Brogan Brown, and Leah Mosher!

Ashlee Hamrick and Jordyn Burrell!
That concludes today’s 4th of July special, we hope you enjoyed this blog from Mt. Rushmore, we know that you’ll be RUSHing back for MORE(;

Stay HAPPY my friends!!!!!!!!